About Real Estate Sessions: Fee $200

I will come to your site and photograph both the interior and exterior of the property. I will usually take anywhere from 50-200 pictures. Afterwards, I will edit these images down the the best and clearest pictures. For each session, I guarantee atleast 12 finished pictures. Images will be edited and adjusted for exposure, color, temperature etc. Exterior pictures include a front, rear and deck picture. Additional exterior or communal area pictures will have an extra charge.

About Portrait Sessions:

My philosophy to our photography session is to capture you and/or your children's time together in your natural setting. Sessions can be at your home, indoors, outdoors, or at another location specficied by either you or me. We can talk on the phone before hand to discuss what you are looking for in your photographs. Sessions are very casual and have plenty of breaks for the children as needed. When scheduling your session, please keep in mind what time of day your children are in the best mood!

What to Wear:

- Solid colors photograph best

- Avoid large logos or patterns

- If you can, try not to have high contrast clothing on the same person or between people (i.e. black on one, white on another)

After Your Session:

After the session, I will pick the best 40-100 images from your photo sessions. I will then edit each of those pictures for exposure, color and sharpness. All pictures are digital, and taken in RAW (uncompressed) format. Additional corrections can be done, however as it takes quite a bit of time, more detailed retouching will be reserved for your favorite prints. Approximately 7-10 days after your photoshoot, your pictures will be posted in an on-line, password protected gallery for you to view and share with friends for 60 days.

Ordering your Pictures

Once you have chosen which prints and packages you would like to order, please email me with the picture name, and size of the print(s) you would like. Each package can have as many different images as you like. I will then do more detailed retouching of each of those images and mail them to you as soon as they are ready. You can expect to receive your prints in about 2 weeks. Payment for your order can be made by mailing a check payable to "JAS Photography LLC", or via Paypal (preferred). Please let me know if you have a paypal account (I can not accept credit cards...only checking accounts or paypal accounts).

As a thank you for any referrals you make, you will save $25 off your next session or prints once the person you referred completes a session, or $10 if they buy an original artwork piece (coming soon).